Generative Anthropology

Generative Anthropology

Generative Anthropology is a new way of thinking developed by UCLA emeritus professor Eric Gans who was Rene Girard's first PhD student. Generative Anthropology (GA) is an attempt to come to grips with the fact that language as we know it represents not a gradual development of animal communication but a radical break from it.

To learn more about Generative Anthropology, and the Originary Hypothesis, we hope you'll find this site a useful point of origin.

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Glossary of Terminology:

As you begin to learn about Generative Anthropology, this glossary will be an invaluable guide for definitions of terms & links to articles that use them.

PDF archive of Eric Gans & Adam Katz’s blogs:

  • Eric Gans and Adam Katz both regularly blog about Generative Anthropology and its implications for modern politics, culture, religion, and more. Below are downloadable pdf archives of their respective blogs.
  • Downloadable & searchable PDF of Chronicles of Love & Resentment (Eric Gans)
  • chronicles_gans_canon.pdf11545.4KB
  • Downloadable & searchable PDF of GABlog (Adam Katz)
  • gablog_katz_canon.pdf5067.7KB

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